Rady Childrens Hospital

Nearly every year, Rady Children’s Hospital gathers all of it’s employees for a series of team building activities and presentations to show their appreciation and the direction of the company. An event called TEAM RADY. And they treat every employee to lunch. Considering the non-profit hospital employs nearly 4,500 employees, feeding this many people is no small feat.

Harvest Kitchen was honored to be selected as the caterer in 2016, and has been invited back to cater every year since. Our first year, Team Rady was hosted on the Broadway Pier, and Harvest Kitchen was tasked with feeding waves of 900 people in 45 minutes or less. But also healthful and delicous.

No problem! We devised an ingenious plating system where guests chose from 3 different stations, and picked up their beautifully plated food. Rather than multiple buffets, this system got everyone their fresh delicious lunch with time to spare. Needless to say Rady’s was impressed since we’ve been invited back every year since. :)

You can follow the Team Rady story on their Instagram @TEAMRADY

TEAM RADY plated station.jpg