David Alan Holtze, CEO Harvest Kitchen catering services, Vista, CA

In 2010, David Alan Holtze wanted to “be the change”

Although David had a lucrative career in advertising, he was unhappy with the trajectory of his life and was concerned with the effect humans have on the environment. He dreamt of being his own boss while spreading a green message. With a passion for food and creating unique experiences, it hit him. A biodiesel food truck serving affordable organic, locally-sourced street food!

And the dream began. In March 2011, David opened Green Truck, San Diego, serving lunch stops, music festivals, film shoots & farmer’s markets. A self-proclaimed “ingredients geek”, David forged relationships with local farms and created ever-changing menus based on their availability. But quickly he realized his passion was in catering.

In March 2015, Harvest Kitchen was born

After 4 years of food truckin’, David left Green Truck and re-launched as Harvest Kitchen. Still sourcing organic and local, and still utilizing the truck, but re-invented as an elegant catering company, only doing private events. Since then the company has grown rapidly, with a client roster and team to be proud of.

San Diego North County, Vista CA wedding rehearsal dinner, corporate event catered venue.

In 2019, Harvest Kitchen opens their first venue, The Boardroom

After years of searching for the perfect headquarters for Harvest Kitchen, a hidden gem was found in North County, San Diego. Perfect for wedding rehearsal dinners, corporate events, and the happiest of hours.



one big happy whacky family

Sammi Shrigley, Harvest Kitchen Catering and Sales Manager, Vista, CA

Sammi Shrigley

Catering & Sales Manager

Sarah Spry, Executive Chef, Harvest Kitchen and Catering and , Vista, CA

Sarah Spry

Executive Chef


Sous Chef

Currently hiring for a new sous chef. Could it be you?!

David Holtze, CEO and Creative Director, Harvest Kitchen and Catering, Vista, CA

David Holtze

CEO & Creative Director