Harvest Kitchen is the only union food truck catering company in San Diego. David Holtze, owner of Harvest Kitchen, has over 7 years experience in production catering, for sets and clients of all sizes. From 100 person shoots at Qualcomm Stadium for ESPN, to 25 person Honda shoots on Mount Palomar, to multi day shoots for Nike, we’ve done it all.

We understand the unique details that make a great catering experience for your shoot, like being on-time, having gluten-free and vegan options, taking special care of your VIPs, and overall being catering badasses. Which is why we are constantly getting referrals for production catering. 

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Our custom diesel catering truck is perfect for catering on location. We can serve made to order “off the truck” or buffet depending on headcount and break time. Plus our truck can go the distance. We can travel to damn near anywhere. We’ve catered shoots in Julian, Palm Springs, Idylwild, Los Angeles, Orange County. You name it. Destination production catering is our favorite. 



For smaller more economical shoots, or when there just isn’t the space for the truck, our drop-off program, “CATERING DELIVERED” is a great alternative. You can choose either straight drop, or full-service with chaffers and setup. Plus we offer a discount for booking breakfast and lunch together. Click below to view menu and details on ordering.

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Harvest Kitchen is excited to now offer craft services for film productions we cater! We’ll bring all your favorite soft drinks, Trader Joe’s snacks plus fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as gum, mints, SPF suntan lotion, and a few other handy surprises.